Poultry feed pilot project

First I would gladly like to inform you that Danishagroconnect Uganda is now the sole representative of Unimex Denmark. This is an engineering company based in Denmark and respected world over. It is dealing in Agriculture, water cleaning, solar equipments etc. Unimex has a variety of agricultural food additives eg. Unifeed poultry, Unifeed piggery, Unifeed aqua, Unifeed basic for diary, solar incubators, Solar drying houses etc.

Also not forgetting to remind you that Danishagroconnect is the sole representative of Danishknowhow. Danishagroconnect Uganda has successfully managed to talk the 2 companies to work together with us and as am penning it down, we are 3 companies working together as one team to revolutionize the agriculture industry in Uganda and East Africa.

On our agenda now is to find any big scale farmer in poultry to work with us. Here we are talking of a farmer having over 20.000 +++ birds. We would love that farmer to allocate to us some of his birds, so that we can provide him/her with our additives free of charge and he adds it to the local feed he/she uses daily, and monitors the difference between the birds using our additives and those not on our additives. We are ready to supply the additives for the whole life span of the birds, that is 45 days of broilers.

When they are ready for slaughter, the farmer will among others realize that he/she has saved between 15- 25% in costs on feeding, 15- 25% increase in body weight, 50% mortality rate, and the environment will be free of smell because of reduction in ammonium.

We are also in position of supplying farmers with Solar powered incubators of any capacity at a reasonable price as we manufacture them ourselves.


In order for us to work with any farmer we shall choose, the following has to be observed;

1. The farmer has to promise us that he/she will be able to mix the additives homogeneously otherwise failure to do so the results will not be achieved

2. The farmer has to accept us to use him/her as a reference in our future workshops.

3. The birds have to be from day one and minimum 5000 birds +++.

4. We shall ship the additives free of charge after we have calculated how may kilos you need, here you have to let us know how many birds you have for us. Please note that clearing fee at the point of entry will be met by the farmer. We only pay from Denmark say to Entebbe, Own address, Mombasa etc.