Feed Additives

DanishAgroConnect offers a wide range of feed additives. These range from livestock and poultry. Our feed additives are manufactured and packed in Denmark. The products are chemical free, this means that they are natural products without harmful effects on both human and animal consumption. Our feed additives add value to your daily feeds you feed to your livestock or poultry.

Results in the poultry are clearly visible on the first day in your stock. Characteristics such as;

  • dry droppings are observed on the first day
  • It reduces motality rate more than 50%
  • Our additive gives 15% body weight during the life span of the broillers and layers
  • It reduces economical costs by 15%
  • It reduces odour in your farm

Among the variety of the feed additives we have are;

  • Unifeed piggery
  • Unifeed poultry
  • Unifeed livestock
  • Unifeed Aqua