In many countries the seed and planting material available to farmers are often of insufficient quality, thus undermining the potential yield and performance of crop production. Seeds are one of the least expensive but most important factors influencing yield potential. Crop seeds contain all the genetic information to determine yield potential, adaptation to environmental conditions, and resistance to insect pests and disease.

One of a farmer’s most critical management decisions is the selection of seed source and variety. The cost of seed stocks usually is less than 5 to 10 percent of total production costs. Yet seed stocks can affect the yield potential of a crop more than any other input factor.

Danishagroconnect® (DAC) provides you with the best quality of seeds from Denmark which are very suitable for all types of  soils, resistant to tropical plant infections, and with high yield expectations. Together with our Danish partner company “VIKIMA SEEDS A/S“, Danishagroconnect® is now able to supply the farmers with OPV’S seeds and Hybrid seeds.

Quick Facts..

  • Seed Quality is determined by many factors, principally seed purity and germination. However, many other factors, such as the variety, presence of seed-borne disease, vigor of the seed, and seed size are important when considering seed purchase.
  • Seed purity is determined by the amount of unwanted material present in the pure seed. Contaminants such as noxious weed seed, unwanted crop seed or inert matter not only increase production costs, but also substantially reduce the quality and quantity of the harvest. If you purchase seed that has not been properly conditioned to remove unwanted weed seed, include in your decision-making the increased herbicide cost to control newly introduced noxious or common weeds.