East African region is one of the regions on the whole Continent and the world which is abundantly blessed by fertile soils and rains throughout the whole year. The region is very conducive for agriculture. It’s still one of the regions on the Continent that lags behind in agricultural sector in terms of new technology. It’s shaming that in some parts of this region people still die of hunger!

When we look at Denmark, it’s one the best countries in the whole world in dairy products, trailed by Holland. This has been achieved through the hardworking of the Danish farmers, through the use of new technology and innovations plus the help of their government.

Danishagroconnect® Uganda  together with our sister companies danishknowhow®Denmark, Unimex Engineering Denmark and Vikima Seeds Denmark  are bringing all this danish know how to the East African people through arrangements such as trainings, workshops and conferences. In these arrangements all

  • Knowledge
  • Healthy
  • Feeding
  • Technology
  • Beef & Diary products

about animal life will be shared with the participants. At our head regional offices in Kampala- Uganda and through our well trained field advisers, plus our Danish experts, our clients will be able to learn more about herd management, handling, marketing, cattle equipment, pharmaceuticals, facilities, grazing and more!