Solar Incubators

Together with our partners Unimex Engineering Denmark,  we offer a wide range of high quality products and services for farmers. We design customed solar incubators for our clients.  Our partners in Denmark, Unimex Engineering produces a wide range of high quality egg-incubators for small- and medium-scale poultry production. The incubators are simple to operate and easy to clean. They are  low  costs energy  incubators that maximize performance and returns.

Danishagroconnect® offers a wide range of different products for poultry farming, including egg equipment, transport coops, feeders and ventilations systems.
To be commercial viable, a modern poultry farm needs to be correctly planned and use the right technology. It is important to have the right solutions for feeding and watering, temperature control and ventilation.

Danishagroconnect®(Uganda), Danishknowhow®(Denmark) & Unimex Engineering Denmark have extensive knowledge and expertise in establishing new poultry farms, upgrading existing poultry farms, and establishing slaughterhouses for poultry.

What we Can

With all the knowledge we have combined together we can sucessively among others,

  • Offer all agricultural consultancy
  • Plan your piggery and Livestolck  farm or slaughterhouse
  • Plan your poultry farm or slaughterhouse
  • Help select the right technology and equipment
  • Provide and install the chosen technology and equipment

System Includes:
UNIMEX SIL 504 Medium sized Incubator (504 Hen Egg)

1 pcs. inverter 24/750

2 pcs. batteri AGM12/120AH

2 pcs. solpanel 24/180

1 pcs. Solar Converter 12/24-40

Optional BMV 600 Display