Training in Denmark

Training our clients in Denmark gives them an edge over their competitors. Here they are exposed to the modern farming and technology. After or even before the training, our clients are linked to their counter parts i.e the Danish farmers.

Through this relationship, our clients benefits more as they can use their counter parts to acquire loans from Danida at a very low rate of interest. Danida has a program for developing countries to help them with development but they must  be working hand in hand with Danish farmers. This loan is only given in form of agro machinery which is had and costly to get in Uganda.

On arrival in Denmark, Danishknowhow® takes over and makes sure that our clients are accorded the best hospitality. All the basis essentials of the course are included in the amount of fee charged per head. Courses and divided into theories and practicals which take place both in classes and at farms. More information on these arrangements can be got from our offices.