Danish Agro Connect has in stock a range of products for your farm, we stock high quality cattle semen (beaf and diary) animal supplements, pastures and feed additivies. 

Cattle Semen

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Animal Supplements



Danishagroconnect® (DAC)  has in stock lucerne medicage commonly known as Alfalfa. Once planted one can cut it three times a year, lucerne produces a protein-rich 14t DM per hectare without nitrogen fertilizer and on dry land. 

Why Lucerne?

Most forage legumes are best grown in mixtures with grasses as this increases yield. Lucerne (or Alfalfa) is different because it provides a high annual yield of around 14t DM per hectare on its own and without nitrogen fertilizer. It is also drought resistant. Not just a bit either. Once established, the root structure is vast and deep. Ploughing in a lucerne crop is an education in itself.

Should More Be Grown?

At 20% protein, lucerne is an attractive feed. It is a good compliment to maize and is leafy and low in fiber, breaking down rapidly into small pieces in the rumen. It quickly passes out of the rumen, allowing a greater intake of forage than many other species. So, lucerne has significant benefits but few people grow it, believing that it is difficult. The crop is slow to establish and does require careful management, but if agronomic guidelines are followed there is nothing complicated about it. 

Feed Additivies

Danishagroconnect® (DAC) offers a wide range of feed additives. We provide UNIFEED Basic Plus feed additive with carefully selected activated natural minerals which are compatible to any kind of readymade feed. This is a great advantage to the farmers, since they don’t have to make a selection in the enormous range of feed additive products available, with a risk of choosing a wrong product, and thereby giving the animal a faulty diet.